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RelayForms allows you to manage forms and submissions without any server-side code or JavaScript.

Manage forms and submissions without any server-side code or JavaScript

A better way to handle forms

Handle file attachmenets, trigger actions, and filter spam. It's all included.

Gather responses from any form

Nothing to wire up. Just instant data in your dashboard. With RelayForm, any HTML form can instantly accept submissions — no backend code or infrastructure required.

Inbuilt privacy

RelayForms only stores what we need to deliver you your form submissions. You can even opt-out of storing your submission data altogether!

Advanced spam filtering

Keep getting spam? No worries, RelayForms uses advanced machine learning to filter out spam with an accuracy of over 90%. Additionally, we support Google reCAPTCHA to stop bots from submitting your forms.

Secure file attachments

RelayForms handles file attachments without any additional setup from your end, securely uploads them to our cloud storage and provides you a convenient link.

Get submission from your forms

Integrate with over 2,000 services

Leverage our Zapier and Integromat integrations to unlock amazingly powerful integrations with your favorite apps and services. Or build your own integration with our custom webhooks.

Zapier & Integromat

Zapier and Integromat offer more than 2,000 app integrations and enable you to create powerful automations with RelayForms. Why not get a Slack message any time you receive a form submission, for example?

Custom webhooks

In case you want to integrate with your own system, RelayForms allows you to submit your own custom webhook.

SlackNotify your team on Slack when receiving new submissions
GmailSend email reminders with Gmail
MondayCreate an item in a Monday board
MailchimpAdd new subscribers to an audience in Mailchimp
StripeCreate a charge in Stripe for a new submission
Google SheetsAdd submissions to a Google sheet
ZendeskCreate support tickets on Zendesk for new submissions
And many, many more possibilities!

"RelayForms allows us to integrate our company's contact form directly with our project management tool. We'll never forget to follow up with one of our clients again!"

Andrew Biggs, COO, Streamline CabinetsAndrew BiggsCOO, Streamline Cabinets

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How it works

So simple to setup, it almost appears to be magic.

Works with any form

Start collecting form submissions in 3 simple steps. Create a form and simply copy its url and insert it into your form element. No JavaScript required!


Create a form

Once you're signed up and logged into RelayForms, you can create a new form.


Copy its URL

After you've created a form, you can simply copy its unique form URL.


Insert into your website

Finally, just insert the form URL you've copied into your form elements action attribute.

<form action="{your-form-id}" method="POST"> <label> Your email: <input type="email" name="email" /> </label> <label> Your name: <input type="text" name="name" /> </label> <button type="submit">Send</button> </form>

Frequently asked questions

Can't find the answers you are looking for? Check out our help centre.

When will RelayForms launch?

We're working very hard to deliver RelayForms as soon as possible. Currently, we are aiming to release RelayForms in Q1 2021.

Is RelayForms really free?

Yes, RelayForms will always offer a free plan that comes with all features unlocked. You'll only need to upgrade if you need more monthly submissions or more file attachment allowance.

What data can I or my users submit to RelayForms?

Anything. We mean it. It is really up to you and the forms you design, RelayForms won't enforce any data schema on you.